Thank you for your love

It is with a heavy heart that I’m sharing that Rosie has moved to her new home today. 

Due to allergies which could not be fixed (no matter what we tried), Rosie has moved. 

Her new home is in North Vancouver. She will be in the company of two amazing new owners, Janet and Jim, who will give her so much love. 

Cat owners for much of their lives, Janet and Jim have lots of experience and a big lovely home. Rosie will also get to explore the outdoors, something she couldn’t do in the apartment she was in. 

Only there for a few hours, we’ve been told Rosie is happy and exploring her new space (no hiding behind the couch for this girl). 

She is purring and already enjoying sitting on her new roomie’s lap. 

We miss Rosie very much, but are so excited for her happy new home. 

We will still be able to visit Rosie, since her new family is more than happy to have us visit as often as we like. 

Not sure when, but we will keep you posted on Rosie’s new chapter. 

Thank you for all your love.


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